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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Skiing Destinations needed?!

Let us concentrate on St. Anton am Aarlberg today. Austria's exclusive Skiing destination.

You will find anything between luxurious (which is mostly the case!) and little bit more for the small pocket. Today we are concentrating on the middle level:)

The best way on saving money is to get an apartment like airbnb with some friends.

Like in every skiing resort you might have to be a bit out of town for finding affordable ones. However if you do not mind to carry your ski or snowboard a little then you are fine.

So you would walk in your boots to the next busstation and drive down to the village.

Some who might be already tired after that, will just stay downhill at the apres ski places:D

How to get to St Anton:

- depends from which part of the world you are coming, you can fly into Zuerich and take at train or if you are in a group order a shuttle/taxi to share. This is what we did and it was perfect. The ride will take you abt 2.5 hours.

Alternatively you can fly into Innsbruck, this might be more for people coming out of Europe with budget airlines, fx Ryanair. Then you will have a ride of abt 90 min.

The train station in St. Anton is only 5 min walk from centre, and you can easily buy tickets online or at the trainstation. Price from Zuerich is abt USD 20,-

You have internet in the trains, so for the working crowd, you can finish off some thing after a heavy week.

Doctors facilities:

- there is a good and famous sports clinic in the area, for more serious injuries, specialized in skiing accidents. For minor issues you can visit Dr. Josef Knierzinger.

They are normally not too busy, but remember the European lunch hours, smaller cities or villages are closed from 1-3 pm. NO exceptions. Same counts for a lot of shops.

Doctors normally having a pre-paid billing system and you can get it reimbursed from your insurance. NEVER forget to get a proper travel insurance with is covering skiing/snowboard accidents. Not all insurances are covering that automatically and people have been unfortunately ripped of with long hospital stays or surgeries.

Electronic shops:

- for the unfortunate (or lucky) ones who are working during their stay, you can buy any kind of electric equipment in the shop Elektro Kindl just next to Dr. Knierzinger. Dont go from the main road where the train station is. Thats the fabric only. Please go from the pedestrian side near market area. You can buy anything from headsets to computer charger. Including Windows Surface pro charger even, which is VERY rare to get.

Where to stay:

- as mentioned above you might like to stay in a shared airbnb. But if you rather want to have a hotel, as a couple or being alone then Mali is great to stay. Its directly in the centre with their own bar, beautiful breakfast views and good food. They have their own steak restaurant in the basement. If that one is over you budget, then Maly by M3 is another option, which is just next door. Some rooms have no own bathroom though, but you will find it in the corridor for sharing. All very clean.


- we loved the variety of cuisines in St Anton. Do not forget to book in advance! Its almost impossible to get a spot otherwise.

> Steak Restaurant Hacienda. Inside Mali hotel. GREAT steaks, also good variety of wine.

> Bodega Tapas Bar, we went two times. Its a cozy atmosphere and you can even sit alone and meet people whilst sitting at the same table with them.

> Anthonys Pizza. something for the budget seeker, BUT great Pizza! also to go.

> Hospiz Alm in St. Christoph: Not located directly in St. Anton, but a 10-15 min drive away. This place has an amazing wine cellar!! ask the waiter to show it to you and make a small tour. Its enormous. Food platters and wine, and good music!!!

Apres Ski:

- one of St Antons highlight are the Apres Ski Places. Even people join who never even join up the mountain to ski:)

> Basecamp. Its located just down at the station when you finished your skiing day. They have great rose wine and snacks with cheese and salami platters. Great location for the ones who just want to walk home after.

> Mooserwirt. The best Apres Ski place ever!!! it starts when in the afternoon when the sun is still out, and ends at 9pm inside a wooden house which has a big dancing area and DJ. The mood is incredible good. You see Jaegerbombs (Jaegermeister shot in red bull) all over the place and also some sex dolls being handed over the arms of the crowd. Big party guaranteed. BUT do not forget, if you miss the last bus down, then the only way to come down is on your ski in the dark. Lot of accidents happened after too much drinking.


- Murmel Bar: they have their own live band and big bar area in the ground floor. Can be very tight, but upstairs you will find bit more space.

- Giggls Bar: cozy for afternoon coffee. outside space available which makes it lovely in the sun. In the evening they have great cocktails. Espresso Martini is one specialty

- Bar Cuba: with Billiard table. Girls behind the bar are great and serving quick

In general to say, Austria has beautiful wooden houses in the mountain regions.

Which makes it a perfect destination also for hiking tours during summer.

Language spoken is German.

But you have to listen carefully, if you are only used to the North German accent:)



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