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Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Morocco is mesmerising is serveral aspects, whether you wander through the maze of streets of Marrakech's medina where spice stalls and bustling bazaars ignite your senses,

or sensing the beauty and the colors in the Jardin Majorelle garden which is a fascinating place with having the Yves Saint Lauren Museum close by in memory to the French designer who used to live and work there.

The Atlas Mountains with several hiking paths and the berber villages inbeween are giving a glimpse of the authentic village styles. You can see terraced fields and snow-capped peaks in the background.

Moroccan cuisine is a symphony of different flavors. Indulge in the aromatic delights of tagines, couscous, and pastillas. Wander through the food stalls of Jemaa el-Fnaa square. You will find freshly grilled meats, salads and sweets and pastries soaked in honey and almond.

Morocco's greatest treasure is its people, known for their warm hospitality and smiles. Engage in conversations with locals at a traditional tea house.

Come and convince yourself in the land of the golden sun which sets a beautiful red highlight over North African Sahara.

Jardin Majorelle and Yves Saint Laurent Museum:

Jardin Majorelle is a very beautiful garden of arnd 4000sqm and its meant to be the most beautiful garden in the world with 850.000 visitors each year, which makes it to the most popular attraction in Morocco.

Ives Saint Laurent live here and also died here in 2008. His ashes were scattered in the garden with a memorial.

The same named museum dedicated to the French fashion designer.


Hidden in the gems of Northern Africa you can find a vibrant city with the feeling that is confusing since you feel that you might be half in Spain even. With a french influence the cities heartbeat with several parks and cafe's give you calm but safe feeling. There are 6.5 Mio citizens in Casablanca.

I have been visiting the Hassan II Mosque . It is the largest functioning mosque in Africa and is the 3rd largest in the world. The mosque had been build only in a period of 6 years. All materials were coming from Morocco. The roof of the mosque can be opened up automatically. The whole area in the mosque is arnd 20.000 sqm and the construction had cost 800 Mio USD - build in 1987.

Restaurant Recommendation

La Sqala - wonderful location in an old bastion and a garden inside. A mixture of sightseeing and the flavors of Casablanca's local cuisine combined. Sqala is famous for their delicious Chicken Tagine, with Lemon flavor. The place looks cozy and welcoming. Beautiful for Insta lovers.

Rick's Cafe - famous from the movie 'Casablanca' with Ingrid Bergmann and Humphrey Bogart. Though the cafe with the famous piano in the middle of the backyard has been rebuild 2004, so its not the original one but has exactly same interior.

Tipp: watch the movie on the plane towards Casablanca and watch the move 'The Forgiven' on the way back:)


The Medina Squarter is also famous, it belongs to the Unesco World Heritage Site. Highlight is to visit the Ben Youssef Madrasa was the largest and most important Islamic school in Marrakech and Morocco.

(see left pic)

Orient feeling with a busy vibe.

Marrakesh's small side streets invite you to a take a stroll through its kind of maze similar atmosphere. Easy to get lost.. I heard;) You will find lot of souvenir and spice shops. Even heritage pharmacies with herbs and expensive saffron.

Be aware of the snake people on the famous Jamaa el Fna square.

They can easily get VERY angry if you watch the snakes or worst case make pictures without paying for it.

Some parts of the famous Sex and the City Movie were filmed in Marrakesh, though claiming movie was made in Abu Dhabi.

Ourika Village "Vallee de l'Ourika, Marrakech

Beautiful region close to the Atlas mountains. We have been there during Eid holidays in June, so the whole village was celebrating. In the morning a goat will be slaughtered and the skin of the goat will be worn from the children, who then dress up like a Halloween theme and walk from house to house and sing to get sweets.

In the valley itself ' Sti Fadma' you can find a riverbed tucked with plastic chairs and tables, which is a cozy experience for the whole family. Small business owners took this as advantage to sell food and drinks while the guests are cooling down their feet.

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

Landscape of this mountain range is beautiful and highly recommended. You can find guest houses with authentic food and friendly locals.


-Do not hike in summer months, as heat can exhaust quickly.

- Always ask the locals before making a picture, as some do not like it.

Please contact me for hiking routes and further details where to start etc.

Hotel Recommendation

Bab Zouina, Ecolodge - beautiful place with a massive garden and infinity pool. Time to relax and do some yoga? then you are perfectly right to book you overnight stay. You will stay in cool stownhouses and will wake up with the sound of nature. Food will be delicious and authentic, plus you will be away from the hustle of the city. Please contact me for further details.

Best time of year to visit Morocco:

Autumn (September-November) or early spring (March-April). The weather is warm, but you'll avoid the scorching heat and cold nights. Whatever time of year you visit, there's always something special about Morocco.



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