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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Tel Aviv with a population of arnd 470.000 is one of my fave cities so far. Food is excellent, similar to middle eastern cuisine but with so much different ingredients, where you would normally not really think about to combine them in one dish.

The taste of different ingredients together, with the freshness and quality of food was excellent everywhere.

We tried out several different wine bars, which are common in Tel Aviv. The bars and restaurants can be found as speak easy places (very hidden) or just at the side of the roads, whilst making the flair similar to the small street coffee shops in Paris. At night Tel Aviv is buzzing, bu

t once it’s Saturday(which is their Sunday) the streets are empty. However we found out that whole Tel Aviv gathers at the beach that day. We very lucky and it was hot and sunny, good opportunity for a beach club/bar in the sand.

In general you can say Tel Aviv has a Berlin vibe, most areas are not very modern, old and with partly demolished facades . But you can find a lot of fascinating street art.

The Jaffa quarter was beautiful and had a special vibe being the oldest town area where you can find hidden streets of each zodiac sign. Back in the days Jaffa was the first point of visit for all Pilgrims, even before they went to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. There are a lot of stories to tell out of the Bible, where most of them happened in the country itself and at the coast side of Tel Aviv, f.e. Jonah and the Whale.

Some areas where more modern residential skyscrapers are build even reminded to a Singapore flare. The real estate prices in Tel Aviv are absolutely incredible sky high, you can compare it to Manhatten prices which leaves a big question mark on the locals wallet.

Restaurant hints:

Claro - rustic / chic place with a big wine list and farm to table mediterranean/ local cuisine

Bar Ochel - hippster bar with casual dining. Mediterranean vibe, beers and cocktails are great

Pop and Pope - breaking the rules! combination of art gallery, show and entertainment, best city views from 14th floor and high class food.

Clubs and bars:

Capella Club - Located in the same building as above restaurant. Having an interesting secret room where a special code is needed.

Speakeasy rooftop bar - packed on thursdays and fridays. Half open with great view. Recommended after 11pm.

Bellboy bar - awesome cocktails! it feels like you are back in the 20is century. loved the place!

Hotel hints:

The Jaffa - luxurious hotel, but with great service to fully relax. Do not forget: Israel is not cheap in general!

The Levee - short distance to city center, just 1.2 km away. Boutique hotel with local flair, garden and outdoor pool. great location



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